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Verifying Your Business on Facebook

Now you can give your Page an official stamp of authenticity.

Yes you can verify your Facebook page and get a gray checkmark next to your business name to show that it has been verified by Facebook.

Facebook verification badge

You probably have seen the blue checkmark, that is for celebrities, public figures, sports teams and other media and entertainment.

The badges will help people “find the right and authentic accounts” for local merchants, Kirsten Bury, a Facebook product marketing manager for Pages, told Marketing Land.

Verified Pages will:

  • Show up higher in search results.
  • Let visitors know the page is authentic
  • Get Early access to new features

For those reasons alone it’s worth verifying your page.

So here’s how you do it.  I did this on my iPhone and it was very simple. Go to your page and find  “more” to the right and under your cover photo.

Click on “Edit Settings” then click on “General” and up will pop the screen where you’ll find “Verify my page,” click on that and you’ll get this screen:

How to verify your facebook page

Next you’ll enter your business phone number and click on “Call me now.” You will almost instantly get a call with a 4 digit verification code, simply punch that in, hit “continue” and that’s it. Your page is now verified and you’ll see the check next to your name.

Pretty easy. For the reasons listed above I would do this right away as it takes no time at all.

Hope this helps!



Is Facebook the new TV?

Just thinking out loud here, we all know engagement rate and reach for business pages on Facebook is dropping. As the engagement rate has fallen, their stock price has gone up, that’s not a coincidence as Facebook is basically forcing businesses to pay to reach their fans, even well done pages that are producing great content.

We all loved the fact that we could reach our customers and engage with them on a platform that was basically free, albeit for the costs of having someone spend the time on a Facebook strategy and execution.

But the free ride is over.

So is Facebook the new TV? Like TV Facebook has tremendous reach, in a recent Marketing Charts article, their research shows:

  • Among 18-24-year-olds, Facebook (online and mobile) has greater reach (70%) than any single TV network (61% being the highest);
  • Among 25-34-year-olds, there is more parity, with Facebook at 77% reach, compared to 71-75% reach among the networks;
  • Among 35-54-year-olds, networks have greater reach (82-84% range) than Facebook (73%); and
  • Among those aged 55 and up, networks sport far greater reach (86-91% range) than Facebook (52%).

As with any medium there are differences in the demographics, but this clearly illustrates the power of Facebook, power on par with TV.

So while it’s extremely frustrating to have engagement rates plummet (especially for pages that have PAID to drive likes), a  paid strategy for Facebook should not be ignored. Why? Their demographic, psycographic and geo-targeting tools, along with the relative ease of use, low cost and potential massive reach can still be an important tool as you try to engage your audience.

So, is Facebook the new TV? tremendous reach, but you’re gonna have to pay.

Is Facebook the new TV?