Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2015

2015 is now behind us as we embark on 2016. So what worked in marketing for 2015? In an article on Shayna Marks (@shaynamrx) asked several thought leaders in business what worked for them in 2015. Here’s the top 5 with my comments in ( ):

1.  Social Media. (This is a moving target, what worked a year ago has already changed. However what is not changing is,  businesses need to be where the people are and they are on social media)

2. Content Marketing. (this will continue to grow as consumers will gravitate to companies that build useful informational, informative content)

3. Mobile Marketing & ecommerce. (Big and getting bigger. As much attention should be paid to mobile as desktop and even moreso in the future)

4. Conversion Optimization. (Finding what converts and doing more of that. It’s thr adage “soar with your strengths” and this is about finding that sweet spot and then maximizing it)

5. Digital Security. (more everyday companies are getting hacked, I have a client right now that has their website hacked into – thankfully we’re building them a new one – but this is a growing concern and understanding your own cyber security is important.

It’s interesting how “Traditional Media” didn’t make the top 5. I will say, there’s a lot of value in traditional media still, don’t throw it totally way, however this top 5 shows you we live in a digital marketing world.

So let’s hit the button for 2016 and see what marketing trends emerge this year!

2016 Start, Two Thousand Sixteen.